Rabbi Weiner is available to speak on the following topics:

Some of Rabbi Weiner’s most popular lecture topics include:

• Incredible Stories from the Front Lines: Confronting Complex Ethical Scenarios and Dilemmas in the Hospital
• Principles of End-of-Life Decision-Making
• Case Study: Deactivating a Total Artificial Heart
• Organ Donation and Judaism
• Alternative Medicine, Reiki & Energy Healing
• Is Prayer Ever Futile? Efficacy of Prayer for the Terminally Ill

• Universal Healthcare: A Jewish Perspective
• Conscientious Objection & Involvement with Halakhically Problematic Interventions
• Risk on behalf of humanity: Creating vaccines during COVID
• Emergency triage & the COVID pandemic
• Self-care and limits of healthcare providers responsibilities during a pandemic
• Jewish values in caring for and making medical decisions on behalf of unrepresented, unidentified and homeless patients

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He also frequently speaks on:

1. Facilitating Shared Decision-Making

A. Understanding Terminology: Key Concepts to Facilitate Collaborative Decision-Making
B. Truth-Telling: When Painful Medical Information Should and Should Not Be Revealed
C. Mental Illness: Capacity and Proper Treatment in Accordance with Jewish Law

2. How Much Treatment?

A. Risk and Self-Endangerment: Determining the Appropriateness of Attempting Various Levels of Dangerous Medical Procedures
B. Pediatrics and Jewish Law
C. Palliative Care and Hospice in Jewish Law and Thought

3. At the End of Life

A. Advance Directives and POLST Forms
B. Defining “Terminal” in accordance with Jewish Law
C. Withholding vs. Withdrawing: Deactivating a Ventilator and Cessation of Dialysis and Cardiac Defibrillators at the End of Life
D. Patients who Request Physician-Assisted Suicide: Towards a Nuanced Approach

4. After Death

A. Definition of Death in Jewish Law
B. Jewish Customs at the End of Life and After Death
C. Jewish Guidance on the Loss of a Baby or Fetus
D. Autopsy and Jewish Law
E. Cremation and Jewish Law
F. Ethical Issues in the Sale of Organs
G. Burial in a Mausoleum and Jewish Law

5. Reproductive Questions

A. Genetic Testing, Disclosure of Results, and PGD
B. Assisted Reproductive Technology: Fertility Issues, Artificial Insemination, IVF
C. Abortion, Pregnancy Reduction, and Stem Cell Research
D. Labor and Delivery: Jewish Customs and Issues that Arise upon the Birth of a Baby
E. Reproductive Issues, Surrogacy & Egg Donation

6. Chaplaincy Related:

A. Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? A Chaplains Approach
B. Wheres My Miracle? On Miracles and Judaism
C. Bikkur Cholim: Pointers and Insights for visiting the sick
D. Bikkur Cholim and geriatrics: supporting our elders when they are not well

7. Additional:

• Running a Jewish Organization in the 21st Century - What does it mean to be a Jewish Hospital?
• Running an Interfaith Department in a Jewish Way
• Achieving and maintaining spiritual well-being/wholeness
• Halakhic and philosophical issues related to using an interfaith chapel
• Halakhic issues related to people who are transgender in the Orthodox community
• Finding and cultivating your purpose in life